Centauri Music


Maciej Repetowski
CENTAURI MUSIC is a trading name of Alpha Centauri, an Independent Music Publishing Company located in United Kingdom, established and solely owned by Maciej Repetowski.

Alpha Centauri was created in October 2005 as a spiritual successor to Polish label AXIS Records, which closed business in early 2005, due to Maciej Repetowski's migration to UK. The new label has bought out all the remaining CD stock from AXIS Records, in order to maintain continuity.

Between 2006 and 2011, Alpha Centauri managed to publish several spacesynth albums and compilations, some of them in cooperation with Jouni Airaksinen (known from Mark Vera project).

Between 2012 and 2020, Alpha Centauri had ceased to release any new music, due to overwhelming piracy and as a result, disappointing CD sales.

In 2020, Maciej Repetowski decided to start producing music again as BINARY GHOST (he used to make spacesynth music under this alias between 1994 and 2003).

Today, CENTAURI MUSIC website serves mainly as an advertising platform for Maciej Repetowski's music (which is being published by Alpha Centauri and released on Bandcamp).