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BINARY GHOST is a name of an electronic music project, established by Maciej Repetowski.

In 1994, Maciej started to create spacesynth and electronic music by using tracker software on Commodore Amiga and later, on a PC.

In 1999, after finishing several tracker modules (which were never released to public), Maciej dedicated all his efforts to newly created AXIS Records spacesynth label (and later, between 2005-2011, to Alpha Centauri).

His musical passion was set aside until 2020, when he decided to start creating music again, utilising his home music studio and arranging, mixing and mastering skills which he has developed during running both of his records labels for nearly eleven years.

Maciej is producing music mainly in progressive spacesynth style, with elements of synthwave and other electronic genres. He likes his tracks to be a reference to various historical and fictional events, books, movies or natural phenomena.

So far, three tracks have been published as free downloads on Bandcamp:

Presently, Maciej is creating material for his debut album…